VendorFuel Brand Identity

Dissatisfied by the limited functionality and generic appearance of e-commerce toolkits on the market, Hoffman Technologies developed its own product to meet these needs. The goal was to allow an e-commerce merchant to easily create a shopping website that provided a consistent brand experience from a customer’s arrival through checkout. We were asked to create a comprehensive brand identity (positioning, naming, identity design, and all other brand touchpoints) for the product.

While researching the competitive set, it was common to see a toolkit’s name and logo at the bottom of the site along with the phrase “Powered by.” During our brainstorming session to name the product, this convention was a key inspiration that led us to words such as rocket, blaster, spark, and fuel. Of these, fuel became the favorite because although descriptive, it felt pleasingly unexepected for the technology category. Looking at our synonyms for merchant, the word vendor seemed a natural partner for fuel. The final name VedorFuel, gave us a springboard from which to design the visual identity for the brand.