Whisky: Still a Man’s Drink?

Designing Personality for Campari America

How do you make the traditionally male world of whisky feel accessible to women? This was the challenge Campari America gave us. The logo we designed, a playful and feminine hand cradling a dram of whisky, set the tone for event’s personality. We also designed a tasting journal to feel approachable through the use of our color palette and an illustration style that mirrored the logo. This personality was then carried over to the Facebook fan page, glassware and event signage.

It worked. The Women & Whiskies events ran in five cities and have attracted hundreds of women to experience whisky and have fun in the company of other women. The whole effort is a great example of successfully combining traditional promotions with events and social media. The key to success was delivering a compelling visual personality that linked all channels seamlessly.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Christopher Hayes is the principal of Forthright Strategic Design– a San Francisco based design studio that specializes in creating personalities for wine & spirits brands.

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