Touchdowns and Pinot Noir?

How to get consumers to buy wine for a Super Bowl Party

How do you convince consumers that it’s okay to uncork a bottle of Pinot Noir during a traditionally beer-centric occasion like a Super Bowl party? This became our task when Treasury Wine Estates asked us to design their Super Bowl Retail promotion for Cellar No. 8 Wines.

We set the tone of the program by turning the wine-snob persona on its ear. The case card we designed depicts a football player holding a bottle of wine along with glasses accompanied by the copy: “Forgot the Wine? Rookie Move.” Varietal-specific bottle toppers paired each wine with a tailgate food item like quesadillas and bratwursts. These food & wine pairings help create cross-merchandising opportunities for grocers thus increasing its odds for retailer buy-in. Cellar No. 8 branded pole toppers shaped like yardage markers and stadium-shaped t-displays were also created to facilitate mass-displays for larger retailers.



ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Christopher Hayes is the principal of Forthright Strategic Design– a San Francisco based design studio that specializes in creating personalities for wine & spirits brands.


  1. This is an awesome campaign. Really fun and makes me wantt o buy Cellar 8…oh wait, I already do!!!Excellent job Chris.


  2. Don’t know which to try first, but pretty hip on trash talking! Great job, man!.

  3. 242 rue de vaugirard says:


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